Przedsiębiorstwo Uzdrowiskowe Ustroń S.A. Branża
Adres ul. Sanatoryjna 1
43-450 Ustroń

From February 26, 2022, Przedsiębiorstwo Uzdrowiskowe „Ustroń” S.A., belonging to the American Heart of Poland Group, provides help to the citizens of Ukraine, with the support of local authorities and companies, along with numerous organizations, institutions, private donors and volunteers. The activities carried out include, among others accommodation, support in completing formalities and finding oneself in the new reality, material and financial assistance.

Uzdrowisko Ustroń sheltered and fed nearly a thousand people fleeing the war, including children. We also launched a helpline in Ukrainian and Polish, thanks to which the provision of assistance was coordinated. The American Heart of Poland group sent a convoy with help to the Polish-Ukrainian border crossing in Korczowa with dry provisions, sanitary protection, blankets, sleeping bags and tents. On site, in Korczowa, we opened an information and coordination point with information about possible help. We have provided transport for those willing to come to Uzdrowisko Ustroń and other destinations in Poland. On March 1, we started a fundraiser for basic necessities for refugees.n

In cooperation with Caritas Polska and with the help of volunteers, we prepared and delivered about 12 thousand. sandwiches to the Polish-Ukrainian border. Here, support was provided by local bakeries: Piekarnia – Cukiernia Bethlehem, Piekarnia Ciastkarnia Beskidzka and Bakery No. 1.

Assistance in accepting refugees was also provided by the Ustroń City Hall and the Cieszyn County Office, whose representatives are in constant contact with the American Heart of Poland Group. Many institutions, companies and private persons got involved in the joint action.

One of them is the Educational, Rehabilitation and Educational Center in Ustroń Nierodzim, which has created a therapeutic program for children from family orphanages. The center opened a group for intellectually disabled children in Nierodzim, including transport to the facility and food during classes. There are classes for young children who cannot attend kindergarten at the Narcis. For this purpose, a qualified team of psychologists and educators of Ukrainian origin was hired to ease the stress of children. Older children received help in admitting to nearby schools, while adults participate in Polish language lessons. The center in Nierodzim also helped in the registration of refugees, assigning a PESEL number and financed the taking of photos for documents. In addition to organizational and didactic assistance, material support was also organized. Was bought, among others an electric wheelchair for one of the charges, orthopedic equipment for standing upright children, 50 school backpacks, and 200 pairs of shoes were purchased together with the Ustroń Health Resort.n

Another success was the provision of play and study rooms in the Narcissus facility belonging to the Ustroń Health Resort, with the help of the Aktin company. Thanks to the new equipment with chairs, tables, play equipment, as well as interactive floors, children from Ukraine spend their time creatively and adapt better to a new situation.

The support is constantly provided, in particular, from the company PSS Społem in Bielsko-Biała. Thanks to the collection of food and household chemicals in their stores, the needy receive, among others coffee, tea, washing powder and other necessary things. It is also worth mentioning the company Ludwig Czekolada and the PKO Bank Polski Foundation, which provided funds worth PLN 20 thousand. PLN each; Thanks to these funds, Uzdrowisko Ustroń was able to buy necessary things for refugees. We also do not forget about the local companies: Ustronianka and Mokate, which provided drinking water and tea, and the Cavatina company based in Bielsko-Biała, which provided equipment and chemicals for cleaning.

We also received help from children from one of the Norwegian towns. They baked cakes themselves, which they then sold, and with the collected money they bought backpacks and sports clothes for Ukrainian children.

Many entities and individuals who became involved in helping the refugees, both materially and financially, reserved anonymity. We would like to express our special thanks to all those who were involved in helping in this way – for the smile that appeared on the faces of guardians and children from Ukraine.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!